Right People. Right Place. Right Time

Revolutionizing Medical Staff Scheduling

We're bringing our latest and greatest schedule optimizing engine to the world of high-value medical staff scheduling.


Automatic Scheduling

Schedulytics's Smart Scheuling engine interrogates dozens of variables in hundereds of combinations to create the most optimum and fair schedule.

Some variables include:

  • Credential validation
  • Shift length optimization
  • Specialty matching
  • Office hours
  • Personal preferences

Information Access

Schedulytics always up-to-date schedule is accessible. Ensure that everyone has access to only the published version of the schedule.

  • Web acess
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Email reminders

Pluggable Modules

Schedulytics is extremely flexible and extensible. Include just the options you need.

Available modules:

  • Resident Scheduler
  • Multi-location scheduling
  • Vacation Scheduler
  • and Many More!